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I'd prefer unholy pact over war god, since the effect of taking 15% more damage is only when hes not in magma form, and if you are running survival, it can completely cancel you taking any damage when not in magma form
And unholy pact lets you do more damage anyways so

Comment from : N N

Scarred 4life
What's better still? Sacred light? Unholy pact? Or Survival? Defense is winning
Comment from : Scarred 4life

Song plss πŸ˜–
Comment from : Crosti

David F
Which crests, enchantments and traits were used on each lavanica?
Comment from : David F

jijo 3585
i dont have lavanica...
Comment from : jijo 3585

α—°α”•δΈ…α—΄α–‡7 7
I have unholy pack 8/8 Lavanica
Comment from : α—°α”•δΈ…α—΄α–‡7 7

Pat Rick
Sacred lights
Comment from : Pat Rick

Dodge traits on both?
Comment from : Rolen

Comment from : iTz_Amine

Bence Fodor
Lvl11 vs lvl12 skill..
Comment from : Bence Fodor

Tigereyes BRS
Hey Tuby! As usual you deliver the info with of course YouTube analysis. Great tutorial demonstration, Thanks!
Comment from : Tigereyes BRS

Usuario Castillo
saluda me en tu proximo video amig@
Comment from : Usuario Castillo

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